Writing for the Tourism Industry

Writing for the Tourism Industry? 5 Tips to Make Your Press Release Attention-grabbing

Tourism is an industry that is one of the most vulnerable, totally depending on external circumstances: pandemic, economic crises, and so on. For example, during the pandemic, with the closure of borders and suspension of international travel, copywriting for and promoting tourism-related brands had become a herculean task for most.


Here are some tips from our pros on how to write up attention-grabbing press releases for tourism clients and get them published.


Create cliché-free headlines. Since a headline is the first thing a journalist reads in a press release, a snappy (catchy) headline is a must. While it might be difficult, avoiding clichés will make the press release stand out and catch the eye of the media


Accompany the headline. The main headline should always be followed by an inviting, captivating photo or video, and a lead that offers more flavor and information on the headline. It’s the second most important part of a press release after all.


Remove meaningless adjectives. It might seem counterproductive to delete all of those amazingly wonderful adjectives when writing for a tourism-focused brand. But doing a thorough sweep through the copy to pick out such adjectives like “wonderful,” “amazing” or “stunning” will do you good. They don’t actually describe anything. Instead, using descriptive and objective adjectives will benefit more, because they answer the question of “what to look for.”


Verb it up. Action words are your best friend when it comes to creating a copy for a tourism brand. Verbs are a powerful tool—travelers seek to do, see and feel during their trips.


Make a connection. “Selling“ a product straight up usually doesn’t sell it. “Selling” an experience, however, is another ballgame. Make sure the press release creates a personal connection that would grab both the journalist and their potential readers. Convey the passion of the brand and offer experiences that would promise to, in one way or another, change the traveler’s life (or at least would make unforgettable memories after the visit).

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