About Us






Our deep expertise in PR is combined with a strong sense of responsibility, and our boutique approach is combined with a focus on efficiency. This is how BOPR signature quality is born.


We are passionate about our clients’ goals and take them on as our own. We are curious about each industry that we work with, and we are constantly looking for new intriguing story angles. We also share a passion for environmental and humanitarian causes.


We care about each other, and we care about our clients, who are carefully selected to match our values. We connect with our empathic side and help select non-profits, free of charge. When facing any global crisis, we use communication to help people the best way we can. We practice the atmosphere of openness and acceptance within our company.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know when to work hard and to meet deadlines, and we know when to relax and laugh.  We have all kinds of fun perks: half-day summer Fridays, Inspiration Days, Team Days, and all kinds of witty fun discussions lighting up our Slack channels at any point of the day. We know how to laugh at ourselves, and we aim to create a daily fun atmosphere as much as we can.


We help each other and have each other’s backs. We mingle between departments when needed, we exchange expertise on brainstorming calls, and involve company founders anytime in seeking solutions or solving communication issues.


We think out of the box. Always on the lookout for creative angles, we add unique twists to clients’ stories and storytelling itself.