We are a conscious PR Agency

Raminta and Kristina love words, communication, and strategic solutions. Both have lived and worked in North America (USA and Canada) for over 15 years, gaining invaluable experience from the PR and Marketing world.

Raminta started mastering the craft of writing, editing and inspiring people through the written word first through MFA studies in Communications in New York, followed by extensive experience in Manhattan’s PR agencies, whereas Kristina acquired deep knowledge of Marketing, Crisis Communication, and Event Organizing by being a hands-on passionate communicator as well as taking on challenging roles, such as an advisor to politicians.

Having both return to Europe at the same time, they joined forces to lead communications for a company, which eventually became the most famous local unicorn. After this, they teamed up once more – this time, to start an agency of their own. Now, Blue Oceans PR  has become known for its personalized attention to clients, international expertise and the signature approach that merges passion for words with a strategic action steps.