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Blue Ocean PR’s team of experienced writers can craft the perfect news story to generate interest in your brand across international media. When we say international — we truly mean it — we can help you reach a geographically specific audience or wide international media coverage. Our dedicated, sector-specific team of PR professionals is dedicated to helping our clients achieve this goal through providing strategic counsel and delivering engaging campaigns.

Thought Leadership

By leveraging our deep understanding of the key trends and issues within various sectors of the market, we can work with you to establish your company and key spokespeople as thought leaders. We apply proven methods for topic setting and provide background support such as market and media research, providing local market insight, arranging surveys and more.

Reputation management

With today’s world of 24 hour communication streams and social media, reputation management is more important and challenging than ever. With all the different sources of constantly evolving chatter, output, and comment, there are many more sources of potential damage to a reputation too. Once a damaging event or conversation begins flowing, it gathers pace and snowballs into a serious cause for concern. Reputation management is the whole package of work that goes into trying to ensure fewer, if any, crises hit and that when they do —  the damage can be more easily mitigated.

Crisis Management

From market and internal audits, strategies, and everything in between, we help organizations deal with critical situations where their public image has suffered or simply needs training and preparation. No organization is immune to market stress and PR crises but all can prepare.
Media Training
Speaking to media representatives is often an unpredictable and nerve-wracking task — each hard-to-navigate question or critical comment may negatively impact a brand’s reputation. That is why it is important to come well-prepared, having identified the purpose of the interview and crafting your main message before it ever takes place.  Whether clients are facing a high-stakes press conference, a challenging journalist, or a social media crisis, our media training services equip them with the tools and skills they need to communicate effectively and positively in any situation.

Awards Entries

Winning an award can bring invaluable recognition and exposure to a company or individual. Thus, Blue Oceans PR offers comprehensive award entry services to help clients showcase their achievements and successes to the world. Our team of PR experts work closely with clients to develop compelling award submissions, highlighting their unique strengths, impact, and results. Our in-depth knowledge of industry awards and recognition programs, combined with our exceptional writing and presentation skills, will ensure that clients stand out from the competition.

Seo Content Management

Visibility on the web and constant traffic to your website is an essential component of keeping a brand’s name on everyone’s lips. To achieve this, our team combines technical expertise with creative writing skills to create high-quality, keyword-rich content that engages users and ranks well with search engines. From blog posts and landing pages to product descriptions and FAQs, we provide comprehensive SEO content management services to meet all of our clients’ needs.

Brand Growth Strategy

Due to increased customer expectations and thriving digital communications, every brand is in motion. To shift perceptions, stir emotions and incite action Blue Oceans PR team will craft a communications strategy that will clarify your brand positioning, distill key brand messages and provide a tactical communications plan based on market intelligence we’d gather, so your brand could rise above the noise.

Digital & Influencer Marketing

The emergence of social media and the digital boom have compelled marketers to get inventive in their approach to luring and keeping their target audience — whether you’re browsing, double tapping, or sharing. Our team of experts leverages the latest digital marketing strategies and technology to create integrated campaigns that deliver measurable results, from social media management to influencer partnerships and content creation. Blue Oceans PR also provides ongoing analysis and optimization to ensure that clients are always getting the best possible results.



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